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THC Free CBD Crude Oil | Wholesale

CBD Crude Oil THC-Free

55-70% CBD; 2-6% minors (CBC, CBG, CBN, CBDv, CBT)
Sky Nutro crude features the finest THC-free CBD winterized crude. “CBD crude” refers to the base product produced during the initial extraction of hemp biomass material. Our winterized crude typically ranges in CBD potency from 60% to 70% and maintains high levels of minor cannabinoids including CBC, CBN, CBG, and CBD-V. Following extraction, the crude CBD oil is winterized to remove elements of THC.

THC-Free Crude Oil is primarily used to manufacture oral tincture solutions and products where a broad spectrum of cannabinoids is desired while remaining THC-free.

Massachusetts Compliant Cannabinoids

All of our isolate, distillate, oil, and water-soluble products are MA compliant

THC Free CBD Crude Oil | Wholesale

Mass Compliant

THC Free CBD Crude Oil | Wholesale

COA Documented

THC Free CBD Crude Oil | Wholesale

Lab Certified

THC Free CBD Crude Oil | Wholesale

THC Compliant

THC Free CBD Crude Oil | Wholesale

GMO Free

THC Free CBD Crude Oil | Wholesale

Pesticide Free

Cannabinoid Manufacturing Info

  • FDA Registration Number: 18161911990
  • ISO 8 large scale cleanroom for supplement manufacturing and packaging
  • Ability to handle large scale orders
  • In house testing and 3rd party testing. We can provide numerous outsourced options such as microbiology, caloric content verification, nutritional panels, testing of omega/fatty acid over time, etc
  • In-house QC includes inspection – QC of raw materials, weights/blended materials, lot codes, batch mfr records, in-process checks of temp, humidity, pH, water content, taste, color, smell, equipment cleaning, sterility, etc.
THC Free CBD Crude Oil | Wholesale

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THC Free CBD Crude Oil | Wholesale

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